Audio scene

The routes focusing on the audio scene of surrounding environmet.

  1. Download the audio scene route to Android smartphone via WiFi.
  2. Charge your smartphone battery full.
  3. Do your adventure guided by smartphone (no need for WiFi or data roaming during the expedition). You will be guided through the route by your smartphone GPS. To conserve battery life it is recommended to switch your smartphone to flight mode.  
  4. After experience, you can share it via Facebook or Twitter


Rent a Route free trial route Z (available until 31.8.2014)

”Z is route that will focus on the audio scene of Ounasvaara. The route will take you through age-old rock and enchanting forest. Living in hectic times, this route is perfect for those looking for a bit of peace in nature. Route Z is 6,2 kilometers long and will take an estimate of 2-2,5h  to complete.”

The route starts next to the Jätkänkynttilä bridge at Jäämerentie 9. The starting point is marked on the app by a red circle. Once you are inside the red circle the app will start your adventure and highlight the next checkpoint with a red circle. The application works with your smartphones GPS and does not require use of any internet connections. To save battery life it is recommended to turn your phone on to flight mode. During your journey you will encounter “Hotspots”. These hotspots are places of interest on the route and the application will open a text screen for you to read. 

Rent a Route Trial route Z

Example route X

“Our longest route for the adventurous! This route will take you through a variable mix of nature. You will follow duckboards through old pine forests and wetlands, further along you will face the rocky slopes of Ounasvaara and make your own paths through nature. The route passes by two fireplaces where you have the chance to cook food and enjoy a fire. The route is 6,5 kilometers long and will take approx. 2,5-3 h to complete.”

Rent a Route Example route X